Management Consulting & Business Design

All corporate activities are the implementation of management strategies. We aim to be a new management consulting company that provides comprehensive support from strategy planning to execution.

               People : Enhancing corporate human resources

  Goods : Communicate value of product

Technology : Enhancing the value of technology

   Innovation : Creating innovative businesses together

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Business concept

People, Goods, Technology, Innovation

The three elements of management: people, goods and money.In recent years, there has been an idea to add "technology" and "information" to this. "Money" is, so to speak, a corporate blood cycle.used for corporate health examinations.And corporate management that keeps healthy and grows while making full use of other factors in response to various issues identified by the diagnosis.We value the four elements of our unique management: people, things, technology and innovation.





Education that enhances knowledge and skills enhances the basic physical strength of a company. On the other hand, the strategy for enhancing corporate human resources aims to link human resources to the source of competitive advantage. The essence is to foster and instill a corporate culture and build a strong organization that cannot be imitated by other companies. We support our client companies by thinking together about what human resources they need to enhance and what education is best for them, and creating an education program.





Nowadays, there is a wide variety of ways to disseminate information, and it is increasingly important to convey product value in the most appropriate way for the right market in order to increase the effectiveness of promotion. And whether it comes out or not has a big impact on the success or failure of your sales strategy. We support the execution of sales strategies by adding consulting, such as management strategies and marketing strategies, while functioning as advertising partners for client companies.





The era is changing from an era where new products can be seen with new technology to an era where efforts to show the technology are required. For example, devising the way of showing and communicating changes the value felt by customers. Here is one key to increasing profitability. We, together with client companies, provide the know-how to redefine the value of technology (or know-how), and how to convey the value into the system, and the know-how of sales strategies to increase profitability.





The activity of multiple companies working together to create new goods and services is becoming active. And a newly created business can significantly change the industry structure and competitive environment. Innovation is an important strategy for creating change. We promote our own innovative thinking and actively work on creating new businesses as a partner company or as a coordinator or producer.




We provide consulting on business management in the form of contract that best suits your requirements and their content. We also provide support for designing new business models.






It has been used as an opportunity for the introduction of consulting. We support sales and marketing optimization and business design of new products in the process of production.

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✧デザインサポート (ブランディング、販売戦略、等)



We propose the most suitable training theme based on your needs and strategic issues. In addition to conducting business trips, we also hold open seminars.




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